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Thea trinidad nude

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Havok engages in a lot of her usual dominating tactics, busting out Full Nelsons, elevated Bearhugs and submissions, but Jayme gets her own back with nasty low blows, hairpulling and more.

Can Taylor find that opportunity? That's followed by Andrea banging her head off of a folding chair and it looks like that could be lights out for Kellie. Can she get back into the bout? And perhaps rightfully so! Kennadi Brink stands in as referee in this one-on-one encounter, standing between two egos in Chelsea and Leah - and she's not afraid to show her own ego as well.

After a little back and forth exchanging of Headlocks in the opening minutes of the match, Madison soon takes control — although rarely through fair means.

She makes a good accounting of herself early on, tying Rachel up in knots until Rachel counters with some ugly tactics. Bdsm tits tumblr. Thea trinidad nude. Resourceful as she is though, Su soon counters into a Rocking Horse submission - which, Kellie adds, is totally illegal in Australia!

When she refuses to release the hold and jaws with Kennadi after the match, she finds she just may regret those actions For those insiders who know the wrestling business, you know how hard these two independent female wrestlers work.

Maria faces it all and more in this one as Mickie holds nothing back. Unsurprisingly, it is not long before the numbers advantage pays dividends for Amber and Kimberly and they are quickly dominating their lone opponent. The only stipulation is that Ayoka must last sixteen minutes against the wrestling powerhouse. When Leva makes a move for them, Angel strikes with forearms and old-fashioned hairpulling. I can go on and on about this man He clamps on a Boston Crab but she grabs the ropes and follows up with chokes and Clotheslines in the corner.

Keep those legs crossed Priscilla! Amber is soon regretting that decision, tapping out to an MMA-style armbar and a Figure Four Leglock in short order as Santana leaps out to a lead. Viper responds in the second fall with a Surfboard and Front Facelock, before another Front Facelock on the mat puts Amanda out for the count.

Despite having lost the match,Amber suggests the two lock up for one more fall. Mickie shows some expert cornerwork here, trapping Maria by her hair and in the corner at the same time.

Thea trinidad nude

Angel Williams vs Santana Ref Solo Darling keeps things fair and squared as these two vets square off once again. 40 lesbian porn. Amber O'Neal vs Miss Rachel Miss Rachel may have the power advantage in this one-fall match, but what Amber may lack in brute strength, she makes up for in cunning and resourcefulness.

It goes Best of 3, but there's still more to prove, so we phase into a Bodyslam contest. She's broken in half with a Boston Crab then hoisted up in an extended and excruciating Torture Rack. Both wrestlers are accomplished brawlers and they let the backhand chops, stiff punches, bludgeoning forearms and thundering knee strikes fly in this one. Submit a new link. Get this one to find out! She throws her all over the ring including along the ropes which she uses to choke the life out of Layne.

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While one of them works her over in a submission hold, the other taunts her by asking if she wants to quit and ignoring her rope breaks. Two girls two big asses 1 dick. The Death Machine lists some of her international credentials, but Katie remains unimpressed.

Jayme Jameson vs Jessicka Havok Our impish referee starts to exhibit bias before this match between Jessicka and Jayme has even started, being called out by the latter for mumbling her name and embellishing Jessicka's.

She gets a chair to the back for her troubles and that's just the beginning. Amy seems to not notice Kimber based on her blatant negligence for the rules. The two deal impressive maneuvers throughout the match, with Santana hitting an armdrag takedown from off the top rope and a Headscissors takedown into a Headscissors on the mat. Foreign objects are brought in as she hits him with a chair and chokes him with his own T-shirt.

Unfortunately for our defeated wrestler, her misery is not yet over. Raylyn is a little more wily than MJ would like and the two end up in a test of strength, with MJ taking advantage with a bit of a low stomp. If a post is removed it is most likely because you're a dingus and posted some obviously fake shit.

Then Jason gets nasty with a cheap shot delivered while reaching up for a test of strength, prompting a series of blows rained on Shazza along with accompanying political and action commentary from both parties! In the end, counters and reversals lead to a match-ending Unprettier. He even seems reluctant to ask Havok if she wants to quit when Jayme has her screaming with an early armbar and counts suspiciously fast when Jayme chokes the Death Machine in a corner. Both wrestlers are desperate to control the momentum as they enter the final fall.

Gabi Castrovinci vs Jayme Jameson This is a best 2 of 3 falls match, so there's plenty of time for the wrestlers to give each other attitude. Naked nichole kidman. Mia tries to fight back occasionally, but she gets cut off each time with high-impact slams, Backbreakers and Dropkicks among others. Thea trinidad nude. The only indecision between Kimberly and Amber comes in their method with which to finally finish Fantasia off. Fred finds all sorts of inventive ways to attack Aja's leg, including some intricate Indian Deathlock variations, high-angle half crabs, and plain old stomps to the knee.

However, it all goes downhill from this point on for the men. Both ladies exhibit their impressive strength before Kelly evens this one with a pin really showing off her flexibility! In the days following the leak, explicit material ranging from topless bathroom selfies to X-rated videos showing other current or former WWE Superstars began to surface online.

When she approaches you with a handshake, run faster - and call the police. The much-abused Chasyn shows up to this match against Su wearing a pair of trunks that have a tux motif and bowtie on them. Amber cuts that lead in half when she forces Santana to submit to a seated double-underhook Sleeper.

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The damage, though, is done. Leah and Kennadi now need to settle which of them is the better wrestler and sadistically hang the nearly unconscious Chelsea in the ropes to torture her until she agrees to be their referee. The duo bounces from corner to corner struggling to get the upper hand, unleashing kicks and Clotheslines, punches and chokeholds.

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